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14 Jul

Smoke Alarms for The Hearing Impaired

Posted on July 14, 2017 in News

Did You know the SC Office of The State Fire Marshall, Community Risk Reduction Section has a program to help our hearing impaired residents obtain supplement smoke alarms? This technology is known as the “bed shaker,” works with smoke alarms to notify hearing impaired individuals of a possible life-threatening fire emergency.

An interested applicant must meet the following three criteria

  1. Be six (six) year of age or older at the time of request
  2. Be a permanent resident of South Carolina
  3. Have your application signed a licensed medical professional or hearing specialist to show certification of hearing impairment


If you are hearing impaired or know of someone that is hearing impaired that is in need of this technology, please see the link below or contact 864-576-2529, ext 103.